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The sensor is the basic element in the measurement of various physical quantities and in the collection of data.

From the search for the best solution to the custom development of your sensors, we offer robust and reliable solutions.


Embedded electronics

The system electronics are the heart of your connected object.

Our experience in embedded electronics allows us to:

  • Design mixed analog-digital electronic architectures.
  • Adapt these architectures to your constraints (IP68, size, etc.).
  • Optimization of the energy consumption of the device.
  • Select the communication protocols best suited to your environment.



Radio and IoT protocol

The Internet of Objects (IoT) ecosystem is developing on a multitude of radio and wired communication protocols, and it is often complicated to navigate.

Radio communications protocol

BLE & Bluetooth Classique, WiFi, Sigfox, Lora, NB-IoT, LTE-M, GSM(2G, 3G, 4G), GPS, ...

Wired communication protocol

Modbus, SDI-12, 4-20mA, ...

Depending on your IoT project, the right choice of these protocols is undoubtedly the most important technical part in its success.



SaaS Platforms (Web & Mobile)

At We-Connect, we also provide the last link in the IoT chain, namely the provision of data via our SaaS platform as well as all the other services that are naturally attached to it.

Enhance your data through analysis, positioning and relevant alerting tools.

We are also able to offer you tailor-made creation services for your platform.




Associated with various research departments, laboratories and academies, we are constantly seeking to remove technical and scientific obstacles in order to build a more adaptive and responsible future.

We Connect is constantly on the lookout for ever more innovative applications and solutions.

Program for monitoring pathogens in water

For the prevention and fight against diseases, We Connect produces innovative and unique devices in the field of epidemiological surveillance.

Solutions that make it possible to detect the presence of viruses very early on, and therefore to better assess the risks of epidemic developments, thus meeting the challenges of strengthening surveillance and health risk prevention systems.


Specialized in IoT technologies, We Connect has been dedicated for several years to expanding the fields of application offered by this new digital revolution represented by the universe of the Internet of Things.

With the aim of offering ever more innovative and accessible technologies. And those in an eco-responsible, environmental and ethical approach.


We expand the scope of the possible...


Discover our wastewater analysis system

Designed to detect the covid virus in wastewater, our system consists of a fully automated device allowing to:

  • Take the sample to be analyzed directly.
  • Concentrate this sample.
  • Perform viral RNA extraction and purification.
  • Perform isothermal PCR analysis (in less than an hour)
  • Provision of the interpretation of the result directly on our monitoring platform.

Nota : This device is also adaptable for monitoring Salmonella


Overview of our tracking platform:


Heating network leak detection

Multi-sensor box for detecting leaks in district heating networks by measuring and intelligently correlating data corresponding to the water level and the temperature gradient. The box consists of:

  • 3 leak sensors spread over three levels.
  • 2 temperature probes high and low level.
  • Connectivity: LoRa ou Sigfox.
  • Provision of data and interpretation on our platform.


Insight :

Level measurement

Sensor for remote monitoring of the FILLING RATE of solid or liquid containers.

  • Measurement depth ranging from 8 cm to 3.5 meters.
  • Connectivity: LoRa
  • Provision of data and interpretation on our platform.


Insight :

Connected weather station

  • Temperature: -30 à 60 ˚C ( Precision: + / - 1 °C - Resolution: 0.1 ˚C )
  • Rel. Humidity: 10% ~ 99% (Precision: +/- 5%)
  • Rain Volume display: 0 - 9999mm (Precision: + / - 10% Resolution: 0.3mm (if volume of rain <1000mm) 1mm (if volume of rain > 1000mm)
  • Wind speed: 0-50 meter/s (0 ~ 100mph) Precision: +/- 1 m/s (wind speed <5 meter/s) +/-10% (wind speed > 5 meter/s)
  • Light: 0-300k Lux (Precision: +/-15%)
  • Connectivity: LoRa ou Sigfox
  • Provision of data and interpretation on our platform.


Insight :


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